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The eternal world begins and ends here!

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Game Description

'The Song of Cabala', Bard

What is Cabala?


Let me consider it... Have you not been there before? Yes, Cabala was once an ancestor's paradise. But it's now just a living horror! As far as I recall, it is a banned zone for humans. Some explorers covertly invaded Cabala, but I've heard that none of them survived.

Do you know Flower Fairy?

Ah...Ordinary folks do not believe in the Flower Fairy. I'm not sure how you found out about it, but I've never seen a Flower Fairy in my life. On the contrary, legends have told me that they are attractive and faithful. That's incredible. It seemed that no phrase can adequately depict their beauty. Even the most gorgeous female is overshadowed in the presence of Flower Fairy.


Flower Fairy, The Special Partner

  • Look, that beautiful flower is developing and transforming into a human. Go, take her hand, and embark on the amazing trip to the tree of life with Flower Fairy!

Multiple Class Switching Allows for More Fun Fighting

  • Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman. As long as you're satisfied, switch classes whenever and wherever you choose, and mix and match skill tree skills to make each class unique!

Thousands of colors, influencing a wide range of fashion

  • Don't worry, you'll never see the same style here. Every portion can be freely colored, and you can use your imagination to create one of a kind beauty!

New adventure in the free world, delving into undiscovered mysteries

  • Dangerous Realm Corridor, Dreadful Ancient RuinsTravel with your pals and discover the secrets of Cabala in this ever changing landscape, so you never feel alone in your adventure!

A New Realistic Life Experience, Creating Happy Moments


  • You can enjoy a variety of enjoyable and engaging gameplays such as fishing, insect catching, cooking, and mining. You can become a fishing and cookery pro without even realizing it!

Set Your Hand Free, AFK Income

  • Take a rest if you're fatigued. Even if you're not working, you're still earning money. If you don't want to bundle your time, come to Cabala to make some wonderful memories for yourself!

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