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Welcome to the NBA!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Welcome to NBA Infinite. Pre register now to get in game gifts upon launch, and you will be included into the official NBA Infinite Launch Sweepstakes.

Run the court in NBA Infinite, a real time PvP mobile game designed to fuel your love of hoops. Stake your claim as one of the best to ever lace on your sneakers as you build your squad from the ground up, acquiring and customizing your first class roster. Then, as you build your history, take to the court with your great team and dominate your opponents.


With just one download, NBA Infinite is in your pocket. We keep our game up to date with the newest player upgrades, new game modes, and a wide range of trendsetting customization options, so you can focus on dominating the court.

RUN THE COURT: Become a floor commander in Dynasty, form a team with friends in Triple Threat, dominate in 1v1 pickup games, or sharpen your skills in informal modes like the Three Point Contest and 11 Point Game. Make those key late game decisions and expand on them for your next attempt at the Larry O'Brien Championship trophy.

TEAM UP AND COMPETE: Gather your friends to form a championship PvP team in 3v3, or see who has the best game in 1v1 and 5v5 formats. Online competitive modes provide a unique mobile experience. Join a fast session, multiplayer experience with all NBA Infinite players, to feed your competitive spirit! Play and compete anywhere, and share your best moments with the world.

COLLECT YOUR NBA STAR PLAYERS: Collect genuine NBA players, each having their own unique moveset that you can master. Improve your players' abilities to drive to the hoop like Giannis Antetokounmpo, step back and shine like Kevin Durant, put the defense on skates like Trae Young, or sink three pointers like Stephen Curry all day.


NONSTOP NBA ACTION: Cross up your opponents with each NBA star's exclusive and dominant talents, nail the perfect give and go, and score the game winning buzzer beater, all from the convenience of your phone!

MANAGE YOUR TEAM TO VICTORY: Make the critical selections that will transform your starting five into a legendary squad capable of winning championship after championship. Improve your coaching staff's key defensive and offensive strategies and implement them on the court.

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