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Mystery Manor

Find an Endless Array of Items in this Vast Hidden Object Adventure!

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(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
See download page for specific requirements.)


Game Description

A Manor of Mysteries Wrapped in Enigmas

Get ready to enter a world of intrigue with Mystery Manor. The house has had a long and troubled history that made it the site of numerous supernatural phenomena. Ghosts are rumored to haunt its hallways, goblin-like creatures are said to lurk within its very walls, and all manner of magical artifacts are believed to have been stowed away by the former master of the house, Mr. X.

As one of many detectives and curiosity seekers investigating the manor, it will be your job to search the place from top to bottom, finding every last piece of its vast puzzle. Be prepared to do a lot of looking though; there are so many mysteries surrounding this manor, that you may never uncover them all!


Search and Find on the Go

Mystery Manor is the biggest hidden object game you will likely ever find, and it can fit on a screen that’s easily the size of your palm. The eponymous manor is absolutely loaded with clues and other items your fellow investigators are looking for. It will take a sharp eye and a cunning mind to locate them all.

  • Explore over a dozen rooms.
  • Features astonishing artwork and exquisitely-detailed images that will make your scavenger hunts as challenging as they are pleasing to the eye.
  • Zoom in and out with just a few pinches or strokes of your fingers.
  • Move your finger around the scene to pan your view.
  • Tap objects you find on your list to collect them.
  • Items you need to find are sometimes written textually on your list, or featured in silhouette.
  • Look fast! You only have so much time to complete each HOG you play.
  • Conquer the assorted phenomena that plague your investigation. Phenomena include darkened rooms, faster clocks, and more.

Learn and Grow

Unlike most hidden object games, Mystery Manor gives you ample opportunity to improve your ability to find things over time in a manner not unlike that of an RPG. As you play the game, you will acquire experience and money, both of which can be used to unlock new skills and features.

  • Spend gems to open up new rooms in the mansion.
  • Increase your Energy with every level you gain. Energy is needed to carry out your investigation.
  • Gain Strength to visit your neighbors, chat them up, and accept favors and quests from them. Successfully complete quests to earn even more experience.

Acquire Useful Artifacts

Amongst the clutter that lines the mansion up and down are a variety of objects that have more useful functions. There are way too many to list, but each one will make your investigation that much more enjoyable to carry out.

  • Find items in your travels or purchase them with gems.
  • Find all of the items within a designated collection. Exchange them for a powerful and prestigious artifact that will aid your scavenger hunting career immensely.
  • Consume meals to fill your Energy meter and increase the amount of time you can search.
  • Collect Charms to give yourself all manner of boons, from increased experience gain to better luck in finding collectible goodies.
  • Use the Compass to automatically find an item on your list.
  • Use the Flashlight to illuminate darkened rooms and make checking them out easier.
  • Cast Time Freeze to stop the clock for 40 seconds.
  • Get the Gold Bomb to blow up five items on your list.
  • And much more!

Get Your Friends Involved

No man is an island. Mystery Manor is absolutely huge; you’ll need all the help you can get in unwrapping its mysteries. Make friends with your fellow players and get them to lend you some assistance.


  • Send and receive gifts to and from your friends.
  • Monitor your buddies’ movements around the mansion.
  • Befriend people who have an occupation that can help you. Scientists improve your accumulation of experience, bankers get you more money, and explorers increase your chances to find rare collectibles.

Case Closed

Mystery Manor is the game HOG players have been waiting for. It delivers the full experience to mobile devices everywhere, provides an astonishing number of things to find and ways to find them, and even adds a social element as well. Most of all, it never ceases to deliver challenges to overcome, making it the last game you’ll ever need.

Mystery Manor is a great title that’s more than worth your consideration. That’s the only thing that isn’t mysterious about it!

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