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My Tidy Life

Customize and tidy up your life!

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Game Description

Welcome to My Tidy Life!

If you enjoy remodeling, sorting and organizing everything into it's proper place, you will feel absolute joy and satisfaction while playing this game.


A Tidy Neighborhood

Help each location with their dirty rooms as you go through the neighborhood. Each building has an unorganized room that is just waiting for you to clean it up. A kitchen, a hobby area, or a bedroom all offer enjoyable unpacking, pleasurable cleaning, and fulfilling organizing opportunities. Can you clean up the entire neighborhood or is it a one-room adventure each room?

Update and Modernize Furniture

Cleaning up spaces is only part of the task. You are responsible for bringing light into these spaces. There are many pieces of exquisitely crafted furniture available for upgrading your bedroom. Which do you prefer, modern or traditional? Simply choose your preferred design aesthetic and begin. It's time to get a new refrigerator, couch, or bathtub.

Mini Games


Organize your spices, light the fireplace, and fluff the cushions. Then, you should prepare a bubble bath for yourself so that you can relax. You can choose from a ton of entertaining minigames!

You won't believe how disorganized these drawers, cabinets, and refrigerator are. Clean everything and become the tidy hero!

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