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My Perfect Hotel

Create a Hotel Empire

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Game Description


  • Have you ever considered owning your own hotel? In this exciting and fast-paced time management game, you start from scratch with the goal of creating an empire of lodging and showcasing your commitment to hospitality. In this compelling and fun casual simulator, you must demonstrate your hotel management abilities, make good investments in personnel and property renovations, and put in a ton of effort to become a hospitality tycoon.


  • Ascend to the top: Begin the game as a basic bellhop who is responsible for cleaning rooms, interacting with visitors at the front desk, collecting money and tips, and ensuring that there is always toilet paper available. Upgrade your hotel's rooms and amenities as your bank account grows, and hire more staff to help with the escalating demand. While your visitors may be soundly dozing off, a driven hotel magnate has no intention of taking a break.
  • Create an empire: There are numerous hotels to discover and develop, each requiring dozens of distinctive modifications before you achieve five-star excellence. In order to advance on your journey to being a true hotel tycoon, you must first prove your managerial skill in each site. Once you have been promoted, you can then acquire a new, larger property. Each hotel has its own distinct aesthetic and ambiance.
  • Continue: You can't just lazily wander around your property if you want success in this competitive field. Improve your and your staff's movement speed to work more quickly and offer your guests all the services they require right away. This will increase your revenue as well.
  • The solution is amenities: Make sure your hotels have all the services available to maximize profits and get more money to invest in this entertaining simulator. The initial stage is to build bathrooms, but if you work hard, you'll soon have the chance to expand your properties with vending machines, restaurants, parking lots, and swimming pools. Your revenue will increase since visitors will pay more for each amenity. But keep in mind that each facility also needs people, so start hiring or you'll quickly run out of space and have irate visitors waiting in line for every amenity.
  • Grand designs: Upgrade lodging to enhance visitors' experiences at your establishment and select from a variety of various room designs in each location. You play the role of both an interior designer and a manager in this fascinating simulator.

  • Looking for a unique, easy-to-play time-management game that will keep you entertained for a lifetime? Directly enter the fast-paced industry of hospitality provision to hone your management, investment, and design abilities. Install Hotel Master right away to start expanding your hotel empire.
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