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My Home Planet: Idle Explorer

Explore the new world, vanquish monsters, and create your own planet!

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Game Description

The most entertaining and creative FREE strategic sandbox game for you! My Home Planet: Idle Explorer allows you to explore a new environment, kill creatures, and develop your own planet. Download now to make your home planet wonderful again!

You came, saw, and conquered. In My Home Planet: Idle Explorer, your home planet is experiencing extraordinary hardships. And, as a prince and the planet's savior, you must go to other planets on a spaceship.


Now, grab your axe, pickaxe, and sword and start your adventure in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer!

Explore the Unknown

  • My Home Planet: Idle Explorer has dozens of distinct worlds to discover, each with its own unique environment and resources to acquire, so you'll never get bored. From lush, forested worlds to bleak, cold wastelands, there is always something new to discover.

Build My Little Universe

  • Use your resources and strategies wisely to create new worlds in My Home Planet. Mining, forestry, smelting, construction, and even army formation are all options for protecting your empire.

Fight to Survive

  • Combat in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer is always exciting, thanks to the diverse range of hazardous enemies and critters to encounter. Upgrade your weapons and armor to take on more formidable adversaries, carefully plan your attacks for victory, and enjoy the art of combat!

Be the Hero, Become the Legend

  • An ancient holy sword is waiting for you to claim it. Follow your heart, fight your way across a broad diversity of worlds, and earn ultimate power. Take advantage of this unique and fantastic opportunity to become the strategy legend of My Home Planet: Idle Explorer!



  • It is free to play. Fully adore the delight of creating my own small universe!
  • My Home Planet features multiple worlds and lovely scenery.
  • Stunning visuals and intriguing animations.
  • These are powerful tools. With your trusty axe, pickaxe, and sword, you can make your home planet great again!
  • Simple rules and gameplay. My Home Planet: Idle Explorer is so much fun and addictive!
  • The joy of discovering the unknown. Explore among uncertainties and pique your interest.
  • Relax anywhere and at any time with the best tactical sandbox game!


  • Mine, craft, and acquire numerous resources on My Home Planet.
  • Level up, making tools and weapons more powerful, and experience the art of war.
  • Explore additional planets and create my own universe.

With amazing graphics and compelling action, My Home Planet is ideal for fans of My Little Universe and other similar games.

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