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My Doge: Puzzle Game

Help the Doge!

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Game Description

The famous brain burning creative theme has been updated!

This time, it's not a unique puzzle game. Instead, it's filled with tons of brain burning stages, and at the end of each level, there's a dog's head waiting for you to open your mind and save him!


The rich originality and intriguing riddles may defy logic and provide you with an entirely new experience! You may sense the necessity to consider backward and apply unconventional and practical methods to assist the dog headed man! This is a terrific way for friends and family to spend time together, so download it and try out a new puzzle game! It's time to save not only the matchmaker but also the dog headed man! The honeycomb dog head has trapped you! doge!


  • Fresh and simple style, lovely image
  • Simple dog head expression, not just a line drawing
  • The questions deviate from the norm, challenging your problem solving abilities
  • Creative brain teasers with massive line drawings

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