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Muse Runner

Collect heart-pounding tunes and enjoy the ultimate parkour experience!

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Game Description

Collect heart pounding tunes and enjoy the ultimate parkour experience!

  • Parkour with an electronic twist! Every click will astound you!
  • You're like a keyboard player. You can activate it with the press of a button!
  • Break the classic sound game by allowing each note to be uttered individually. When you press your finger, you will immediately receive a fantastic symphony!
  • Create game levels, each with a unique theme that is flawlessly blended with music!



  • Real time pronunciation that is precise and unique.
  • The most challenging music parkour challenge ever.
  • Push yourself to the utmost in terms of rhythm.
  • Extremely wonderful soul electronic sound.
  • Characters who are wealthy and stylish.

A feast of techno music beyond your wildest dreams! Immerse yourself in it and listen to electronic music!

Headphones are advised for gaming.

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