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Mr Bullet

Do you have what it takes to become a legendary spy?

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Are you prepared to become a spy, a hero, and a legend? Conquer puzzles, demonstrate your lethal accuracy, and shoot the bad guys. Come observe the firing occurrence.

Play this intriguing puzzle game and use your brain. To defeat opponents, ninjas, and many other bad guys you will come across in the game, you will require laser focus and pinpoint accuracy! Explore uncharted territory, free hostages, and take on your enemies with unusual weapons like grenade launchers. Start your journey right away! Can you do it in one shot?



Destroy them all to rescue the world!

On a top secret assignment, Mister Bullet. To keep the evil guys at bay, use your deadly accuracy and precision! They all want to rule the globe, whether they are spies, agents, zombies, lumberjacks, or aliens, and only a MASTER can stop them and preserve the world.

Unlock epic missions!

There are so many challenging stages and monsters for you to overcome, each with its own special twist! How intelligent are you? Can you figure out every puzzle? Fire projectiles that bounce, ricochet, or just travel straight! Use your ammunition to cause things to fall and explode. Do whatever it takes to reach your destination, including triggering chain reactions!

New challenges await!

Go on covert missions, free captives, and launch grenades against opponents. Just keep in mind to make each shot meaningful, no matter what the circumstance!

Addictive physics puzzler!

Only the fastest and smartest people can figure out every puzzle! To succeed, you'll need more than simply accuracy. You will require all of these qualities to become the zennest shooting master: speed, timing, and patience. Obtaining three stars on each level is possible.

Spy vs. Spy!

Are you the most reliable and competent? Fight other spies in absurd PVP multiplayer battles.


New features every week!

Mr. Bullet is always adding fresh, original levels, weaponry, and skins. You won't want to miss the excitement.

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