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Moonlight Sculptor

Win glory on the battlefield!

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Game Description

World of Shattered Realms 'Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer'

The Moon Sculptors Shattered World!


  • It was a chaotic period when the famous adventurer Weed vanished for unclear reasons. Win the Versailles domination once more! The original tale that inherits the original novel's setting

A Thrilling and Nervous Moment!

  • The legendary competition has begun! With a tough PVP battle amongst users, you can achieve your desired triumph!

Win Glory on a Battlefield Without Borders!

  • Now comes the prelude to a titanic battle between planets. A true sword war for the legendary hero position with players from all around the world!

Create Your Own Attack Style With Various Statues and Monster Cards!

  • Collection and combination are endlessly entertaining! Use a combination of handcrafted sculptures and rare monster cards to challenge the best character.

Cute BUDDY and Unique Weapons!


  • Buddy the Cute is chasing explorers and exploring with them. Grow up with a variety of distinct weapon shapes.

Making money via cooking! Living Content and Free Exchange!

  • Various goods are collected by collecting and fishing. Feel free to participate in the exchange!

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