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Monster Survivor

Lost in land of mad monsters...can you survive?

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Game Description

The darkness is truly approaching, and the nightmare begins now, as a terrifying monster haunts the spaceship. Are you ready to take part in monster combat in order to win and become a shooter?

Welcome to Monster Survivor: Trigger Battle, a 2D simulator, action, and role playing game. In the multiplayer game, players form a squad that is locked in a haunted spaceship where reapers assault. Screams flood the scary silent house.


They're approaching, fear filled blue monsters in the midst of a violent conflict. Online games include Monster School and Monster Battle. Can you master the art of stealth and triumph?

In the simulator, you'll play as the gun person in Space Galaxy, fighting for survival against the continuous attack of these nightmarish monsters. As the darkness falls, an experienced crew prepares for the tactical precision required to vanquish the enemy. Furthermore, there are no wifi or offline games in the game.

In the PVP online games, you will play as a shooter and complete several obstacles, such as door upgrades, imminent monster fights, and weapon upgrades. You also have to play hide and seek and pull the trigger. You must also be aware of the green devil, who will devour and attack you around the corner in a haunted quiet school and galactic dorm if you are caught!



  • The crew must work together to solve numerous challenges and upgrade the doors.
  • Escape the terrifying creature and improve the rifle.
  • Tactical: Pull the trigger with your weapons to ambush the adversary and use power to slow down the boss fight.
  • Your mission is to survive by shooting bullets and being the last survivor.
  • Play hide and seek, vanquish, and shoot the blue monster like a gunman.
  • Play minigames: haunting silent school, brawl in the star, and haunted dorm


  • There are three game modes: multiplayer, galaxy dorm, and monster school.
  • PvP action, role playing, offline games, and no-wifi games are some of the genres available.
  • 2D space games such as Galaxy Survivor, Haunted Silent House, and Castle are available.

The blue monster will capture and murder you in the scary spaceship. Outside, monsters howl and consume, haunting the hostel. A squad of must shoot bullets against the enemy while attempting to flee the green devil in their castle. Let's pick a weapon and play the game to become a master of stealth.

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