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Modern War

Test Your Tactical Might Against Other Players in this Thrilling Strategy Game!

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Game Description

Welcome to Modern War, Gentlemen

Everyone wishes that they could take over the world deep down. With Modern War, you finally can! However, it is not a job that can be done by yourself.

You’ll need to field an army, build the most sophisticated weapons that money can buy, keep everyone adequately equipped, and employ a wide range of smart tactical maneuvers to outplay the competition. Prepare for anything while you do so. You could face the most cunning enemy army the computer can cook up, or even another player with the same aspirations that you do. Train hard, fight harder, and plan for the future. This is Modern War.


Build Your Base

If we lived in a perfect world, our soldiers, tanks and weapons would materialize out of thin air and magically operate on their own without any source of energy. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way in either real life or in Modern War. If you want to get anything done, then you’ll need to produce everything you need from whatever raw materials you can get your hands on.

  • Set up buildings that generate resources for you, like money, stamina and energy.
  • Collect your resources as they appear.
  • Spend rare gold to speed up the production process.
  • Build an assortment of facilities that will produce soldiers, tanks, sea craft and aircraft for you.
  • Train dozens of brave men to assist you in your campaign, including scouts, engineers, rangers, stalkers, snipers and more.
  • Set up a defensive perimeter to keep computer and player-controlled invaders out of your turf.
  • Upgrade your buildings to make them more productive.
  • Gain experience as you play to advance your personal level. Higher levels give you access to better soldiers and equipment.
  • Learn all sorts of different skills to develop unique strategies and play styles. Increase the total resources you can stock, boost the attack power of your units, and so on.
  • Get your bearings straight. Pinch your fingers in and out on the screen to zoom the camera correspondingly.

Fight Your Battles

You’ve set up your base, you got your production up and running, and you have fielded your army. Now all you need to do is fight! There are so many enemies dotting the landscape that you can’t shoot a gun without pegging one of them. It will take careful strategy and deep tactical thinking to defeat them all.

  • Attack enemy bases. Weaken their armies and steal their money for your own ends.
  • Take out strategic targets. Gun down high-ranking soldiers, destroy enemy armor, and bomb buildings.
  • Win Valor from your victories. Use it to directly purchase powerful new units without the need to build the right facilities beforehand.

Get Involved with the Community

You’re not the only warlord gunning for world domination out there. There are a lot of players who have the same goals as you. Learn to weave your way around them and the treacherous politics they have set up. Then and only then will your war effort take root.

  • Form alliances with other players to bolster your strength and make yourself a less inviting target for enemy attacks.
  • Attack player bases. Pillage all of their stuff and take for yourself.
  • Form rivalries with players you attack. Take revenge on those fools who so brazenly attacked you and keep an eye out on those you have ticked off in the past.

Gear Up for War

The world may be a big place, but it’s obviously not big enough for you and every other warlord out there. With Modern War, you can make some much-needed room for yourself by using your superior firepower to bomb those fools either back to the Stone Age or into the postmodern era.


How you go about that is up to you. You can train an elite fighting force of super soldiers, assemble a battalion of tanks, put together an air force like no other, or combine them all in some fashion that you like. There is nothing more satisfying than wrecking havoc with an army you personally put together with your blood, sweat and tears, and Modern War lets you indulge in the impending chaos.

Sign up today and turn the mobile world into your oyster!

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