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Missile Command: Recharged

Missile Command: Recharged is a re-imagining of one of the all-time classic shooters!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Missile Command: Recharged is a reimagining of the renowned classic that features fast paced arcade gameplay in which players must protect their bases by shooting an endless barrage of missiles from the sky. Fire counter missiles to defend your base and target powerups to gain an advantage in key situations. Missile Command: Recharged will appeal to fans of the original or its numerous incarnations, as well as a whole new generation of mobile gamers searching for fast-paced, pick up and-play arcade deliciousness.

Up and Running
Take aim at all-new powerups to survive longer, such as defensive measures, silo repair, or a screen-clearing super blast, rather than merely missiles.


The new powerup system takes earned points and allows them to be utilized to improve all aspects of gameplay in order to get an advantage and obtain the greatest scores.

Aim for the Clouds
Participate in global online leaderboards to earn the title of best missile commander.


Improve yourself with each game you play and strive to beat the most difficult difficulties!

Get Augmented
Take use of the new augmented reality feature to project your gameplay to a virtual arcade cabinet and take your missile destruction to new heights!

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