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Metal Slug: Awakening

Prepare to be transported back in time with this revival of an SNK classic!

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Game Description

Metal Slug: Awakening is a newly built SNK licensed side scrolling action shooting mobile game based on the essence of the classic arcade masterpiece! The game delivers a magnificent visual presentation and substantial content, including a large assortment of weapons, multiple battlefields, and many super vehicles, with improved visuals that pay homage to its nostalgic heritage while introducing a fresh and fascinating art style.

Prepare to be transported back in time as the game realistically restores several legendary IP maps such as the nostalgic pyramid, desert, mine, and many more. Aside from the traditional aspects, Metal Slug: Awakening added intriguing new features like as global exploration, joining up with pals in 3 player mode, Roguelike gameplay, and many more, allowing gamers to take on the Boss challenge with anyone, at any time! With that, Metal Slug: Awakening makes its most powerful comeback, which will undoubtedly satisfy gamers of all ages! Mission Commanders, Begin right away!


The Ultimate Transformation

  • Metal Slug: Awakening, officially licensed by SNK, brings back the heart pounding gameplay stages, legendary characters, challenging Bosses, and powerful vehicles. Not to add the enhanced reconstruction of numerous nostalgic aspects like the Fat Marco and mummies. Despite all of these exciting improvements, the genuine core of Metal Slug IP has been scrupulously preserved!

Diverse Gameplay & Quick Challenges

  • The game gives an entertaining side scrolling journey from the start of each mission to conclusion, with unique gameplay and difficulties! From the Desert Mine, the Secretive Lab, the Southend Rainforest, or elsewhere. There are numerous experiences waiting for you to discover!

New and Advanced Super Vehicles

  • Boost your operation and talents with a variety of vehicles ranging from huge sky rides to cutting edge tanks and SV camels. Fly through the air, burrow underground, and attack with dexterity. Customize your battle powers with these incredible cars in order to defeat any formidable bosses!

Ultimate Gameplay! Fiery Battlefield


  • Unleash character exclusive ultimate abilities, wield unique advanced weaponry, and upgrade your arsenal for epic Boss confrontations! In addition to the game's iconic characters and super vehicles, it also includes a number of classic weaponry such as the H, L, and I gun series, as well as the flame shot, blizzard, shattering boxer gun, and many others. Customize your favorite weapon and surge over the battlefield with unstoppable firepower!

Easter Eggs With a Variety of Surprises

  • Rescue the legendary Hyakutaro, who kindly distributes enigmatic gifts and coins from time to time, or the very active Fat Marco. Keep an eye out as you progress through the stages, as there will always be surprises buried in each Easter egg! Rediscover all of the famous qualities that made Metal Slug a legendary classic as you relive the joys and excitement of the arcade machine era.

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