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Merge Mansion

Maddie claims I'm keeping secrets. What does Maddie know!?

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Game Description

Maddie claims I keep secrets. What does Maddie know, I ask? Our mysterious story revolves around my family's mansion, which has been abandoned for almost 40 years. As you remodel and restore the grounds with Maddie, you'll discover everything you can about her and the Boulton family's history.

I can tell you it's quite a ride!


Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and perhaps a slice of pie, and start playing Merge Mansion right now.

Is there something I'm not telling you? You can make your own decision...

The mansion and grounds have fallen into disrepair after years of neglect, but Maddie is determined to salvage them and restore her family's history. This youngster never sleeps...

You'll match and merge to renovate the house, clean up the gardens, plant flowers, make amazing discoveries, and unearth hidden secrets on the grounds of the Boulton family estate by playing this soothing puzzle.


Maddie discovers her family history with each place she fixes, but with each revelation, there appears to be a new secret to unearth! Why did I keep the manor hidden? What happened to the family's riches and estate? Who is the man behind the enigmatic statue? Will Maddie be able to get the grounds up to code, or will she lose everything? And do I have any other surprises up my sleeve? Obviously not. I'm not concealing anything.

  • RENOVATE and repair Maddie's new home, as well as expand the mansion grounds with lovely plants and furnishings!
  • MERGE tools, flowers, and other items as you work your way through the matching puzzle!
  • DISCOVER the storyline and the story turns into a mystery about family secrets and old grudges!
  • EXPLORE the house grounds and the surrounding environment to discover secret locations.
  • RELAX and enjoy this light puzzle game about a strange mansion with heartwarming dialogue for the whole family!

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