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Enter into a world where sadness meets beauty

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Game Description

Dive into a World Where Sorrow meets Beauty.

'All roads lead to our Goodbye.'


Bank of Innovation's newest release, MementoMori, is now out! It features an epic music that can turn the world of gaming on its head and some of the most breathtaking designs ever seen in a game.

Many notable singers perform songs that add to MementoMori's fascinating realm.

We recommend playing with earphones or headphones.


A story of 'justice' told by girls whose fragile hearts are about to crumble...

There are girls who are commonly referred to as 'witches'.

Although they are ordinary, they possess slightly remarkable abilities.

However, when disaster strikes the land, witches become feared and despised.

Before long, the Church of Longinus launched what became known as 'The Witch Hunt'.

'Witches are to fault for this catastrophe. If we eliminate them, the disaster will disappear with them!'

The witches are executed one by one.

However, when craziness takes possession of the universe, it is abruptly overtaken by 'Curses'.

A country destroyed by hellfire. A kingdom destroyed by crystals. The Tree of Life wiped out an empire.

Such are the dreadful wants of those dubbed 'Witches of Qlipha'.

Without any means of defense, nation after nation collapses into ruin, until eventually,

The shattered earth floats high into the sky.

Meanwhile, the public has yet to take notice.

There are glimmers of hope emanating from within these witch-cursed girls.

In order to save their devastated world, four sisters set out to free the country from darkness.

Because they believe it is the correct thing to do...


  • Enjoy both simple full-auto bouts and advanced tactics!
  • Live2D animations create magnificent action-packed fight scenes!
  • Use the 'Idle System' to gradually gain strength while the females fight even while you're away!
  • As you progress through the story, you will unlock additional stuff!
  • Combining your cleverness and the girls' magical abilities opens up endless strategic possibilities!
  • Optimize gear to enhance girls' strength!
  • Build the strongest guild in the land by communicating with your buddies!



The females of MementoMori have terrible pasts and unavoidable futures.

  • Cry to 'Laments', which bring each girl's feelings to life.
  • Enjoy a high-quality soundtrack that transcends game music.

The variety of high-quality musical compositions is closely intertwined with the deadly environment of MementoMori, creating a unique and fascinating gaming experience.

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