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Mario Kart Tour

An intense race around the world!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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Game Description

International gamers are challenged in multiplayer!

Whether they are local, dispersed across the globe, or just registered as in-game buddies, you can race against up to seven other players. Individual or team races, kart speed, and the amount of item slots are just a few of the rules that can be changed for multiplayer races. You can choose how you wish to play!


Mario Kart travels the globe!

In this new Mario Kart, Mario and company travel the world as they compete on courses modeled after actual locations in addition to the traditional Mario Kart layouts. Every two weeks, excursions will alternate between these locations! Some of your favorite Mario Kart characters will receive adaptations that include the local flavor of cities included in the game in addition to courses based on famous locations!

At your fingertips, endless Mario Kart entertainment!

The well-known and adored Mario Kart franchise is prepared to take over the globe, one smart device at a time! You can easily drive, drift, and hurl destructive weapons with just one finger as you race for the gold in cups filled with both new and traditional Mario Kart courses.

Get first place by using items and the frenzy mode!

You have access to a variety of potent objects in Mario Kart Tour that can change the course of the race! Use the new Frenzy mode to boost the ante by becoming indestructible and receiving an endless supply of a particular item. Frenzy mode only lasts a short while, so take advantage of the subsequent pandemonium!

Amass drivers, karts, emblems, and other things!

To get more drivers, karts, and gliders, either earn Grand Stars by racing or shoot off the featured pipe! Additionally, you can show badges next to your in-game name that you have successfully completed challenges for!

Bonus challenge courses give conventional races a new spin!

First place isn't necessarily the objective in all races. These supplementary challenge courses, with titles like Vs. Mega Bowser and Goomba Takedown, call for a distinctive approach to gaming and strategy!


Race to improve your online position!

With the best of them, boost! Your position in relation to other players across the world will be determined by your high scores. To improve your score and get to the top, keep practicing and experimenting with different combinations of drivers, karts, and gliders!

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