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Magic Rampage

An exciting combination of RPG & fast-paced platformer!

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Game Description


Frantic Action RPG!

Exciting platformer combining RPG and fast paced action gameplay. Magic Rampage includes character customization as well as dozens of weapons to use, ranging from knives to magical staves. Each dungeon presents the player to new challenges, adversaries, and hidden locations to discover. Search for Bonus levels, strive for success in Survival mode, form forces with friendly NPCs, and compete in difficult Boss encounters.


Magic Rampage includes an amazing online Competitive Mode in which players from all over the world battle to see who is the best in randomly created dungeons with unique bosses, exclusive new equipment, and content!

Magic Rampage recreates the look and feel of the best classic platformers from the 1990s while integrating new and fascinating gameplay features. If you miss 16bit platformers and believe that games today aren't as fantastic, think again! Magic Rampage is the game for you.

Magic Rampage supports joysticks, gamepads, and a physical keyboard for even more responsive gameplay.


  • Battle fierce monsters, enormous spiders, dragons, bats, zombies, ghosts, and challenging bosses in castles, swamps, and woodlands! Choose your class, armor, and weapon from a variety of blades, hammers, magical staves, and more! Discover what happened to the King and the fate of the kingdom!


  • Compete against other players in randomly generated dungeons filled with a wide range of obstacles, foes, and bosses! You can also challenge your pals to a game.
  • The more you compete, the higher your ranking will be, and the closer you will be to being inducted into the illustrious Hall of Fame!


  • Every week, a new Dungeon is added! Each week, players will be presented with unique challenges and epic rewards from the Golden Chest!
  • Weekly Dungeons provide time and star challenges in three difficulty levels. You also gain bonus Rank points for completing it every day.


  • Choose your class: Mage, Warrior, Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, Thief and many more! Customize your character's weaponry and armor to meet your specific requirements. Armor and weapons may also have their magical elements: fire, water, air, earth, light and darkness, to help you suit your hero to your playing style.



  • Test your strength! Enter the wildest dungeons and fight your way against the most sinister threats! The longer you stay alive, the more gold and weapons you will get as a reward! Survival Mode is a great way for you to gain new weapons, armor and lots of gold to equip your character.


  • Meet the salesman and browse his shop. He offers the best gear you will find around the kingdom, including the rare runes, which you can use to upgrade all your equipment. Despite being bad tempered, he will be crucial on your fight against challenges waiting for you!

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