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Magic Chronicle

This Isekai universe blends light and magic to represent love and perseverance!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

This Isekai universe blends light and magic to represent love and perseverance!

Interesting riches are strewn over the world, each with its own mysteries and landscapes ready to be discovered by travelers.


You'll go on a fun and relaxing adventure with adorable and charming epic heroes!

  • Marco Polo: I rarely sit by the pool anymore.
  • Nightingale: Be polite to me, I may be your nurse someday.
  • Julius Caesar: I conquered the whole globe, and they can only name a salad after me?

Activate the Magic Power of Hundreds of Heroes!

  • Assemble hundreds of heroic heroes and learn the legendary stories behind them.
  • After logging in, get 1000 consecutive drawings, with a high possibility of getting SSR heroes. Every member of your squad can be in the spotlight!

Explore Unknown Adventures in Isekai World!

  • Enjoy a pure and authentic adventure in the Isekai universe.
  • Experience stunning and healing hand-drawn art by world-renowned artists.

Enjoy fun strategic battles!

  • Take part in entertaining and exciting battles, and clear levels while having a good time.
  • Choose your favorite heroes and form a dream squad with wonderful incentives to get started.

A wide range of skins and outfits!


  • A diverse range of equipment, pets, and outfits to select from.
  • Choose from a spectacular selection of clothing, including mystery robes, bright sailor suits, and attractive suits.

Win Effortlessly with Luxurious Welfare.

  • Receive random and generous rewards for the entire server.
  • Sit back, relax, and wait for the lucky cat to meow.

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