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Mafia City: War of Underworld

Create the greatest underworld empire on your way to becoming the Godfather!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Play an excellent strategy game that involves wit and time management as you compete to become the Godfather!

Take advantage of the opportunity to plunder banks, team up with other players, and struggle to rule the city and the mafia world!


Date Cute Babes that support you with unwavering commitment every day and heroic Crew Members!

It's a year round, real time, interactive turf war with daily skirmishes!

To impress both opponents and friends, collect luxury cars! When you destroy police vehicles attempting to stop your most recent heist, race cars along the street!



  • A screen with amazing 3D and HD graphics that allows you to zoom in and control your own Mafia Turf. It's a virtual reality that you MUST experience!
  • Real Time Strategy game where you must form alliances with other players and keep becoming better to take on more powerful adversaries!
  • Wonderful Technology To get the strongest Crew Members, you'll need to maintain the trees correctly. There are men who are prepared to engage in hand to hand combat, as well as firearms, armored cars, motorcyclists, knives, and men!
  • Vast, regularly updated maps that are filled with a variety of adversaries and unique structures. To become a godfather, you'll need to investigate every day!
  • Monthly celebrations of many cultures that continuously require players to think on their feet!
  • Personalize your Crew Leader to become the most dreaded Boss possible!

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