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Madden NFL 23

Play like a Madman with Madden 23 NFL today and score a touchdown in the NFL!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

All new appearance. All fresh Madden. Play like a Madman with Madden 23 NFL today and score a touchdown in the NFL!

Madden NFL 23 Mobile Football's new season on the gridiron has begun. The most immersive NFL Football experience on mobile is waiting for you, featuring real-world happenings, authentic sports game action, and mobile-first aesthetics.


Play Absurdly! Football superstar or couch quarterback, score a touchdown and take pleasure in the renowned sport with the same vigor as legendary Coach John Madden. Madden 23 offers the best possible football experience thanks to new mobile improvements and enhanced game graphics.

Create your Ultimate Team, then win the race. Earn football stars from your preferred NFL clubs, such as the Los Angeles Rams, the current champions! With the soft-season reset, you can keep your NFL Superstars from the previous season.



  • Participate in the action! Take part in the major events of the actual NFL season.
  • Experience renowned NFL events, such as Kickoff Weekend, the Super Bowl, and the NFL Draft, and take charge of your future!
  • Play against the best NFL teams in professional football games to win football glory!
  • Real-world football action comes to your mobile device and the palm of your hand thanks to authentic NFL teams, players, uniforms, and stadiums!

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