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Get in the action and experience the best of the NFL!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

The world's most immersive NFL Football experience on mobile offers authentic sports game action, real world events, and mobile first visuals.

Travel back in time with ancient programs, memorable artwork, and legendary players who made their impact on the game. Football general manager or armchair quarterback, score and enjoy the beloved sport through fresh and distinctive experiences. Coach your squad to success with exciting new graphic enhancements, the reintroduction of Coaches and Playbooks, and more. The game you enjoy has never been better.


Create your ultimate team and crush the competition. Earn football superstars from your favorite NFL teams and take on skill based challenges, adventures, and competitions. Keep your NFL football studs from last season and keep moving forward with your core squad. Kickoff Weekend, the Super Bowl, or evergreen modes like Training Center: Manage your squad through real world events during the whole football season.

Authentic NFL Football Experience

  • Live Service events allow you to participate in the most significant moments of the real world NFL season.
  • From kickoff weekend until the NFL Draft, experience NFL events and take control of your fate.
  • Participate in professional football matches with your favorite NFL teams and players.
  • Enjoy the most authentic football mobile app with official outfits and venues in the palm of your hand.

Build Your Ultimate Team

  • Assemble your team of superstars and train them to their full potential!
  • Play numerous football game types and earn points to achieve the greatest OVR!
  • Join Madden Mobile leagues including new challenges, bimonthly Unlimited Arena tournaments, and upgraded rewards.

Football Manager Gameplay


  • Coaches and playbooks return, giving you complete control over your online football games.
  • Showcase your football IQ and lead your squad to victory.
  • Collect, trade, and enhance your roster of quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers.
  • Create a creative roster of NFL Football Superstars, unlock NFL coaches, and explore various play styles.
  • Compete with your favorite NFL teams and players in this brand-new season.

Next Level Visuals and Player Experience

  • Mobile sports games have never looked better, thanks to major visual enhancements.
  • Enjoy a new, enhanced UI with dynamic gameplay HUD and stunning visual effects.
  • Mobile football comes to life with weather and light settings, authentic stadium scenes, and jumbotron animations.
  • All Out Blitz or Miracle Hail Mary, experience visually enhanced football play from your pocket.

All-new appearance. Madden is all new. Touchdown in the NFL now with Madden 24 NFL!

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