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Lumbercat: Idle Tycoon

Build your timber empire!

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Game Description

Set out on a joyful adventure to construct your lumber kingdom! Play this adorable game and enjoy watching these talented feline laborers turn wood into comfortable dwellings. Enter a world where adorable feline pals and the calming sounds of nature abound.

Cut, Sew, and Produce with Cats
Get to know the feline carpenters that transform wood into exquisite dwellings by giving life to every log. Their deft paws do marvels, integrating each piece of wood into your expanding dominion.


Calm ASMR: A Calm Video Game Experience
Take in the soothing noises of the natural world. Our feline companions' repetitive chopping and crafting create a calming atmosphere and provide a distinctive ASMR experience.

Grow and Improve Your Timber Company
Here is where your path from a modest woodcutter to the head of a huge lumber company begins. Employ a variety of cat managers, invest in new equipment, and see as your company empire expands!

Play Idle Tycoon: An Easy and Entertaining Game
Experience a stress-free gaming environment where your empire grows even when you're not around. The hardworking cat employees keep everything going so that you can keep making progress.

A Game for Fans of Tycoons and Cat Lovers
This game is a dream come true for cat lovers and construction and management enthusiasts of all ages. It's a special fusion of idle gameplay, strategy, and cuteness.

Play anywhere, at any time.
You can always access 'Lumbercat: Idle Tycoon' whether you're offline or on the go. Not even wifi? Not a problem! Play this free game anytime you'd like.

Join the Lumbercat Community
Come along with our feline lumberjacks as they hone their woodcutting techniques and build a timber empire that is suitable for cats. Develop your timber tycoon tactics and leave a lasting impression on the cat community!


For All Who Love:

  • Playable games with a cute cat theme.
  • Constructing and overseeing a prosperous empire.
  • Calm, unwinding idle gaming.
  • Offline games that are free to play.

Launch your Timber Empire Now!
Become the lumberjack of your dreams and enjoy the joys of construction alongside cats. Come play 'Lumbercat: Idle Tycoon' with us! Your feline empire is waiting!

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