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Lord of the Rings: War

The Spring Festival has finally returned!

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Game Description

The Spring Festival is back! Complete puzzles and mini games to help the Mallorn tree grow while learning about the Mallorn Tree and Sam.

Epic tales of love, camaraderie, and glory are a thing of the past. A new War of the Ring is looming, and the fate of Middle earth is now in your hands. An unstoppable dark power has been rising, seeping, and spreading the battle to every nook and cranny of Middle earth. From Minas Tirith to Mount Doom, each side is anxious to grab control of the One Ring and reclaim Middle earth for good.


One ring to rule them all.

The War of the Ring has resurfaced!

Experience Your Own War of the Ring

The One Ring has reappeared in Dol Guldur, the desolate castle. It bestows on its bearer unprecedented ability to control Middle earth, drawing peoples of all factions into a great battle.

Construct a Fortified Settlement

The effectiveness of your strategies is determined by your settlement infrastructure. Each structure has a specific purpose, and your power develops as your settlement expands. Prepare yourself for impending battles.

Gather Powerful Armies

From spearmen, archers, and knights to fantastic animals and terrifying beasts, all forces must be gathered before the battle begins. If your strategy is smart and your forces are powerful, you will win.

Create Your Own Fellowship

As a Middle earth Steward, you must enter a large globe and seize power by growing your settlement, expanding your domain, and establishing your own Fellowship. Great challenges lie ahead.

Expand Your Territories

Your power grows over the season as you develop expeditionary armies, expand territory tiles, harvest important resources, and repel adversaries. The experience and strength you gathered during your war triumph would aid you in overcoming any unanticipated hurdles.


Discover the Wonders of Middle Earth

Experience a recreation of Middle earth that takes you on the ground in J.R.R. Tolkien's wide realm, from the soaring majesty of Minas Tirith to the brutish fear of Barad dur

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