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Lost Realm

An action-packed role-playing game featuring fantasy elements and a unique gameplay style

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Game Description

Ever wished you could rally a group of historical heroes to defend the Realms of a different spacetime? This is where your desire comes true in Lost Realm: Chronorift! This is a fantasy role playing game that is brand new on mobile devices. It has unique gameplay and eye catching graphics. As the Keeper of Rift Hall, your duties will include defending this forgotten territory, eliminating corrupt officials, and engaging in global competition for fame.



Beautiful Images with Original Plots

  • Get ready to be enthralled by the breathtaking imagery that vividly depicts the Lost Realms. Every scene is painstakingly designed to take you to a Realm teeming with fantastical animals and gorgeous scenery. The intricate and varied tales present an engrossing narrative for gamers to delve into. What is Eureka's true identity? What mysteries lie within each of those Realms? Come discover for yourself!

Meet over 40 artifacts and over 100 heroes

  • With so many different heroes to pick from, each with a unique backstory, you can discover their potential and skills. In fights, heroes of lesser caliber can nonetheless shine. Gain access to and use divine artifacts that increase heroes' strength to expand your options for strategy. Gather all the mythical warriors, let their might loose, and vanquish the corruptors!

Create Your Own Squads and Plan Them

  • Personalize your heroes however you please. Give them strong equipment. Improve their abilities. Enhance, develop, and advertise them. Wake them up to reveal their unique abilities. Adapt your team's strategy to your own playstyle and preferences. To counter your opponent's lineups, alter your formation and take advantage of the optimal moment to activate skills during battles. Which strategies are you going to employ to win the fight?

Many Modes and Extensive Gameplay

Discover a variety of game modes that accommodate varying tastes and difficulties.


  • Glory and Outland Arenas: Engage in exhilarating arena combat with other players to test your might. To advance through the ranks and win glory, compete in two separate modes.
  • Affairs: Take on a variety of tasks, each with its own advantages and difficulties. As you complete their many missions, you can even discover previously undiscovered aspects of the heroes!
  • Areopagus: In the Elite Trial, team up with fellow Areopagus citizens to take on dynamic bosses. Together with your Leader, plan which Lairs of Horrors to take on according to your group's strengths in order to achieve greater scores overall.
  • Trials of Wonderland: Explore a range of challenging labyrinths, each with unique challenges, such as Ancient Tomb, Fensalir, Trials of Light, and Gloomy Abyss. Battles with bosses who possess a wide range of abilities will test your cunning. Create several lineups to obtain the upper hand and win.

And much more! We are working on an additional game mode where heroes engage in fierce combat. Pick your spots and the things you gather carefully, or it can be difficult for you to succeed. Keep checking back!

Launch yourself into an exciting role playing game right now, where you'll see the conflict, discover the mysteries, and control your own fate in a strategically rich environment. Ready to take on the role of Keeper? This magical Realm's destiny is up in the air!

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