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Lost Light

Join the Firefly Squad on an adventure to save the world of Lost Light

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Game Description

Join the Firefly Squad on a journey to save the world of Lost Light. You can obtain resources by exploring the map or fighting adversaries. Survive the chaotic and deadly Exclusion Zone and uncover the truth about the Pheromone Outbreak.



Immersive Apocalyptic Battlefield

  • Survival in a post apocalyptic world is dependent on your understanding of weapons and equipment, familiarity with maps, capacity to deal with hunger and injuries, and battle strategy. To survive in the Exclusion Zone, you must not take any chances. Every step matters, and one wrong step could be your last. Completing Black Market merchant assignments, looting lucrative resources, and constantly increasing your survival abilities can significantly improve your chances. Become the person who eventually discovers the truth about the accident!

Customizable Weapons

  • Lost Light is an immersive shooting experience with realistic weapon structures and textures. The highly adjustable modification system includes 12 components and over 100 parts, allowing you to easily create the ultimate weapon build. Over 10,000 spray combinations are available with the new Weapon Skin Customization System, allowing you to create your own distinct look! Choose from over 100 presets and take use of our one click loadout system to prepare for battle swiftly and efficiently!

Acting on Survival Planning

  • You can enter the operation with a complete build or go light and dodge fully prepared adversaries. Even if you don't defeat any foes, you can still make a fortune by looting and evacuating. But keep in mind that if you do not evacuate, you will lose everything you've accumulated.

Prepare Your Strategies

  • It is critical in Lost Light to be well prepared for fight in your Shelter. This includes staying in good physical shape, upgrading and altering your battle gear, and synchronizing your personalized gear. Because the conflict can begin at any time, it is critical to properly select your equipment. Fortunately, Smart Pet is here to help. They can assist you in carrying back the goods you discovered in the Exclusion Zone or in attempting to retrieve your items if you are defeated.

Various Social Interactions


  • There are no permanent enemies on the real battlefield. You have the option of rescuing other players, teaming up with them, and evacuating together. If you are knocked out, you can transmit an SOS signal to alert others to your location. However, you never know whether the approaching player is a friend or an adversary.

Cross Platform Functionality

  • Players may now enjoy a totally immersive battlefield on PC and mobile devices. Players on mobile and PC can communicate and collaborate in real time. You may take on more challenges and reach larger goals with the seamless cross platform function!

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