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Lost in Play

Help a brother & sister on an epic journey to find their way home!

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Game Description

Assist a brother and sister on an epic journey to find their way home. Solving puzzles, fleeing a horned beast, and meeting eccentric goblins are all part of the adventure!

Lost in Play is an imaginative trip through childhood with well constructed puzzles and colorful characters. Play as a brother and sister team on a journey to find their way home. Between reality and fantasy, the siblings explore a horned beast's magical woodland, lead a rebellion in a goblin town, and assist a troop of frogs in freeing a sword from a stone.



  • Lost in Play's weird and dreamy environment is loaded with intrigue, unusual riddles, and mini games. Play clicking crabs with a pirate seagull, serve magical tea to a regal toad, and collect parts to build a flying machine. Participate in this modern point and click game that will reward your curiosity and leave you eager for the next installment of the story.


  • You'll find yourself on a whirlwind expedition as you sneak into a goblin castle, discover ancient ruins, and soar upon a big stork following what appears to be a routine morning at home and an afternoon at the park. Lost in Play takes you on a nostalgic ride!



  • Lost in Play is a narrative for everyone, with a hand crafted style reminiscent of animated shows from childhood. Whether you're looking for healthy entertainment or simply a good time, the whole family may enjoy this narrative together.


  • An enigmatic animated puzzle journey.
  • Abundant in magical and gorgeous creatures.
  • It was designed with families in mind. Allow your children to observe you as you play!
  • There is no conversation. Everything is graphically communicated in a universal way.
  • Inspired by classic television series.
  • Play card games with goblins, construct a dragon, and train a sheep to fly.
  • Contains over 30 distinct puzzles and mini games.
  • Capture a rogue chicken. Maybe.

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