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Lost Future

Fight zombies and survive the apocalypse in this open world RPG

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Game Description

Fight zombies in the near future open world. On your mobile device, improve your battle abilities, loot, craft, and enjoy a fascinating tale, beautiful animations, and realistic graphics.

Survive the zombie apocalypse in the near future's open world. Fight to improve your fighting skills, then explore, loot, and craft to defeat the Infected hordes. On your mobile device, you may enjoy amazing animations and console quality graphics. Dive into the deep tale and discover all the secrets of a dramatic story that unfolds in the Appalachian foothills in the fall of 2035.


  • Select your hero and fully enhance them.
  • Try to survive in tough conditions by gathering resources and finding food.
  • Create weapons, equipment, and a shelter.
  • Fight hordes of walking dead.
  • In this survival simulator, you can explore the post apocalyptic world and acquire all of the survival skills.
  • Your primary objective is to flee the zombies and survive at all costs.

Humanity is sinking beneath the weight of the sick, and it is on the verge of extinction. This is our new reality: humans vs zombies. Stop Doomsday and join the zombie war!



  • The undead
  • The wide vast world
  • The near future and artificial intelligence
  • Combat depending on skill
  • Stunning animations
  • Mobile device with console quality graphics
  • A well developed tale and game world history
  • Survival elements and a fully featured Craft

It can't be easy to live after the zombie apocalypse. You'll have to battle with hunger, dehydration, unfathomable conditions, and a strange infection in this survival simulator. Various terrifying walking dead will have you on edge at all times. Not every combat is worthwhile. Sometimes it's preferable to flee the zombies. Remember, your life and the lives of your loved ones are on the line, so proceed with caution!

Explore various places, accomplish tasks, kill zombies, and battle robbers. Use all of your survival skills to learn about the sickness that caused the zombie apocalypse.

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