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Live or Die

Travel and survive in a unique post-apocalyptic world

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Game Description

Hey, survivor, get up! Well, you're still with us, and we're happy you survived! While we bring you up to speed, take a breath. The world as we know it ended in a matter of days, and the apocalypse struck when we least expected it to. Nearly all of the population was wiped out by that terrible viral epidemic, leaving behind just a post apocalyptic wasteland full of hazards that humanity had never encountered before. The virus claimed billions of lives, and for those who were unlucky, it transformed them into zombies, monsters, and mutants: the terrifying walking dead. You are not the last survivor, so don't panic! Every day, our organization encounters additional individuals struggling to survive. We're already too busy to be of much assistance to you, but we will nonetheless provide you with the knowledge you need to live. The struggle to survive will be extremely difficult, but if you succeed, you'll have a ton of action stories about life after the apocalypse to tell your kids! Follow this procedure, and best of luck!

Protocol for survival:


  • Above all, a survivor needs to rely on themselves, therefore, begin your training! Reach the pinnacle of your own evolution by honing your skills in armor and weaponry use, constructing, creating, and, of course, fighting mutants, zombies, and other ferocious creatures. Every day you spend surviving in the real world increases your intelligence, every mile you run to avoid dying increases your speed, and every head you destroy increases your strength. Develop, create, and learn how to withstand all obstacles in order to survive!
  • Without the appropriate armor and weaponry, even the most resilient survivor will perish. As you advance to the next level, additional crafting plans become available to you. Take full advantage of them! Choose the weapon that best fits your needs: a loud yet powerful rifle to render the wandering dead even more deadly, a large hammer to smash mutants, or a quick dagger to pierce zombies. In this harsh apocalyptic world, your primary methods of survival are crafting and construction!
  • Recall that in order to survive this apocalyptic event, survivor, you will still require rest, regardless of how strong your armor is or how proficient your weapon is. Make your own shelter because the post apocalyptic wasteland is a hazardous place! Put up traps, build barriers and upgrade them, make unpickable door locks, and do everything you can to keep zombies, monsters, and mutants away from you. To protect yourself from the walking dead, update your shelter. Make it through the day in the post apocalyptic wasteland and the night in a comfortable bed.
  • Perhaps you have the plans to construct a nuclear power plant, but you don't have the resources to construct even a rickety barn. Discover and plunder the vast wasteland to get as much as you can. Your existence depends on your resources! They are necessary for upgrading, building, and crafting. Monsters, mutants, and zombies won't think twice about destroying your shelter and making another survivor become a walking corpse. Explore and pillage the vast open world without delay!
  • Take caution! The earth is now a harsh wasteland full of scary, wandering dead. Things have changed. Monsters, mutants, and zombies undoubtedly lost their intellect but gained brute might, speed, and ferocity. You WILL have to battle them in order to survive, as they will attempt to murder you at any opportunity. Prepare to explore and battle for your life by upgrading your armor and weaponry and beginning to construct the greatest gear you can.
  • Unfortunately, many of those preparing for the impending apocalypse were not prepared enough. Luckily, they left a lot of interesting locations for you to scavenge and find rare resources. Find shuttered labs, military installations, and bunkers, and steal them before other survivors get a chance. If they do, though, you may always look for their hiding place and take away their means of subsistence. But be aware that trespassers will not receive a warm reception.
  • Explore this post apocalyptic open environment by finishing missions and earning special rewards. Create whatever you need in order to live and share your tale!

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