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Little Triangle

Help Little Triangle restore peace and prosperity to the Triangle Kingdom!

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Game Description

'Little Triangle' is a platform action adventure game with a hand drawn flair. Players take on the role of the 'Little Triangle' in this game, jumping and evading numerous traps and attacking foes in order to restore wealth and peace to the Triangle Kingdom. To save the triangle friends of the 'Little Triangle Hero', players must journey inside factories, temples, and jungles, encountering innumerable opponents and fighting alone.

The road ahead, however, is far from smooth. The 'Little Triangle' eventually enters into enormous dangers comprised of traps, mechanisms, hidden weapons, and unpredictable evil powers. It is up to the player if the 'Little Triangle' can win! Throughout the game, players will be immersed in a universe as if they are personally crafting the tale of the game.



  • Jumping Abilities: Jumping is the major method of progressing and attacking, and players must learn the art of long jumps and double jumps in order to move.
  • Accepting Challenges: The game has a particular level of difficulty, and even a minor error may result in returning to the previous checkpoint and restarting.
  • Unique Art Style: Players will enjoy exploring the game's universe, which is packed with recognizable, chubby pudding style environments and characters.

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