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Light of the Stars

Amid the Re-creation, the war for survival begins!

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Game Description

'Our World' sprang to life with the Star Force, but the never-ending battles pulled it down into darkness and chaos.

God decided to reset and restart the world because he could no longer bear it.


Meanwhile, a major war on the land had finished. Following the fight, the Elf Queen attempted to acquire God's Force.

During the process, she opened the 'Early Water.' It became a disaster. The world quickly devolved into chaos.

Fortunately, the constellations' descendants on the ground had inherited the Stars' peculiar power.

The Solar King's offspring takes command of the successors and embarks on a trip to finally put an end to the tragedy.

The ferocious battle for survival begins in the midst of the pandemonium known as 'Re-creation!'

Save the World from the Calamity

  • The Solar Empire's heir is wrongly accused of being a traitor and faces a reward due of Horus.
  • Could the heir restore the empire and save the world alongside the Stars' successors?

Meet the Heroes Inspired by the Stars They Represent

  • The heroes of the constellations await you!
  • As your interactions grow, the heroes will open their hearts to share their tales and show you an unexpected side of themselves.

Enjoy vivid 3D graphics during battles

  • The heroes in the pictures move in 3D throughout the battlefields!
  • As their leader, prepare the war using your own tactics to gain victory.

Develop strategies based on position and environment

  • When forming your unit, you can choose between eight possible hero positions.
  • Using various objects and avoiding obstacles on battlefields, destroy the enemy's command tower!

Participate in PVP arena battles

  • Fight against other commanders using the heroes you enhanced!
  • Participating in Arena bouts might earn you seasonal ranking awards.

Join forces with Guild members


  • Face the hardest stages with your guild members' assistant heroes!
  • Join a guild or form one yourself to collaborate with other commanders in defeating Guild Bosses and preparing for Guild Battles.

Check Your Luck

  • Check your daily luck by logging in every day!
  • Depending on your daily luck, you may receive a variety of amazing goodies.

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