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Life in Adventure

Choose your own adventure in this fantasy story!

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Game Description

From the author of Life is a Game comes Life in Adventure!

As an adventurer in a fantasy world designed after Dungeons and Dragons, you experienced various situations and have to make decisions. Your ability, possessions, prior decisions, and current efforts to achieve new results are only a few of the elements that will affect the events and choices you will have to make.


Can you succeed in your initial objectives for this adventure?

Or will you pass away as a common explorer?

Everything is subject to your decisions and a little bit of luck.

Combat System

Keep your weapons close at hand and eliminate any opponents in your path!

Digital Art

Emotional pixel art conveys a variety of scenarios.

Numerous Epilogues

Depending on your decision, the story will finish. Check out the different epilogues.

Rank Order

Compare the standings while leaving your performance as a score.


Schematic System

Gather a variety of creatures, items, and epilogues.

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