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Legions of Rome 2

Create your empire and conquer history!

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Game Description

Take on the role of a Roman general in Legions of Rome 2, the ultimate strategic experience situated in the heart of the ancient Roman Empire. This game takes you on an immersive journey through history, where you'll lead your legion to victory, grow your empire, and outwit your opponents in tough, tactical combat.

Unleash the Power of Rome.


In Legions of Rome 2, you can alter the fate of the world's greatest empire. Begin as a young, ambitious leader, then advance through the ranks to become a legendary general. Your trip will take you through lush landscapes, hazardous mountains, and enormous towns, all with stunning, realistic graphics.

Historical accuracy meets tactical depth.

Immerse yourself in a game universe that values historical accuracy. Legions of Rome 2 faithfully recreates the units, weapons, and tactics utilized by Roman armies, allowing you to experience conflict as it was intended. Deploy legions of soldiers and archers, each with distinct strengths and limitations.

Sandbox Mode: Build and Manage Your Empire

Make your own custom maps and save them! Edit the ground and add buildings, trees, and units. Edit the weather, change the daytime, make your level rainy or foggy, and much more!

Epic Battles and Campaigns.

Experience a variety of intriguing campaigns spanning the whole Roman era. Whether you're defending Rome from barbarian assaults or leading a campaign to conquer distant countries, each mission has new obstacles and goals. Engage in enormous battles with hundreds of units on screen, all battling for domination. The changing weather and terrain will put your strategic flexibility to the test, pushing you to adjust your strategies as needed.

Customize Your Legion.

In Legions of Rome 2, no two armies are same. Customize your legion with a diverse range of units, each with unique equipment and skills. Tailor your army to your playstyle and adapt to changing battlefield conditions.

Stunning visuals and sounds.

Stunning graphics that bring the ancient world to life. Every battlefield, city, and unit is depicted in stunning detail, producing an immersive experience that transports you to the realm of ancient Rome. The dramatic soundtrack and realistic sound effects heighten the atmosphere!



  • Strategic Depth: Develop and implement complicated tactics on and off the battlefield.
  • RTS mode: Command your troops from a bird's-eye perspective.
  • FPS mode: Tap to become any of your units and play as them!
  • SANDBOX mode: Create your own highly customisable levels!
  • Epic Campaigns: Play as the Roman Empire or Barbarians and complete a range of missions that test your strategic abilities and need you to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Customization: Add distinctive units to your legions to build an army that aligns with your strategic goals.
  • Stunning Visuals: Experience high-quality visuals and audio that bring the ancient world to life.

Join the Legion and Conquer Ancient Rome.

Are you ready to write your own chapter in history? Join the Legions of Rome 2 community and embark on an epic voyage of conquest, strategy, and glory. The fate of the Roman Empire is in your hands. Will you accept the challenge and become the greatest general Rome has ever known? Download Legions of Rome 2 today and begin creating your legacy!

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