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Game Description

Are you prepared to go down in history as a legend? It's time for Larry to shine and show everyone what he's made of.

Zombies have arrived on campus, and the time for fear and timidity is over. In this heart pounding game, you must end the zombie apocalypse and live the rest of your life as a hero!


  • Locate and rescue Larry's classmates, professors, devoted companions, love interest, and even his terrible nemesis!
  • Kill and capture several zombie variations. Each with their own set of skills!
  • Unlock weapons, armor, equipment, and talents to strengthen Larry!
  • Unlock 25 unique levels, each with three different difficulty settings. You can play for hours!
  • There are 18 different types of firearms. Killing zombies had never been so much fun!

Get rid of the zombie hordes in a number of creative methods. This Zombie shooter is jam packed with action!

  • Survive zombie waves, advance around campus, play mini games, perform quests, and much more!
  • Touch and virtual joystick controls with configurable sensitivity. TPS controls that are incredibly smooth!
  • Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, Flamethrowers, Shotguns, and even experimental weaponry!
  • Exciting bonuses ranging from Grenades to Larry's amazing special ability.
  • Captivating and one of a kind plot!

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