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Legend Z Hunter

Zombies have risen, and the fate of the entire human race lies in your hands!

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Game Description

Two years after the zombie virus broke out, most of the world's population has become zombies! You must survive in a zombie-infested world, travel throughout the globe, meet diverse partners, and gather information about the vaccine. Where is the vaccine? Does a vaccination actually exist? The future of the human race is in your hands.

Legend Z Hunter is a clicker RPG that allows you to rapidly and easily advance your character. You can experience character development with basic aspects like gears, talents, and companions, as well as advanced elements like upgrades, mastery, and qualities.


Raise rapidly and easily by idling!

  • You can level up your character even if you switch the game off.
  • Anyone can raise easily and rapidly.
  • You can play the game anywhere and at any time.
  • The automatic fight system allows you to play the game in ease.
  • Our objective is backed by clans and companies via online RPG, and we can combat zombies while also raising the RPG for free.

A realistic survival game!

  • Fight zombies and survive.
  • Determine the cause of the Zombie virus and where the vaccine is.
  • Improve your approach with gears, skills, and teammates.
  • An actual survival game in pursuit of a vaccination!
  • You can become a legendary hero while experiencing adventures in a fantasy realm.

Receive a prize for remaining offline and idle!

  • Offline rewards! A fun casual game!
  • This is the real clicker RPG!
  • It will expand dramatically if you log in once a day!
  • If you visit the bank, you can earn extra money by mining them.

Use exciting talents to defeat all zombies!


  • Use a variety of talents, such as assault, buff, and installation.
  • Use cool skills to eliminate zombies in a single blow.
  • Use the skills for their intended objectives.
  • Explore the bunker and collect additional stuff.
  • Win a defensive game.

Additional growth content produced in various methods!

  • Explore to level up your character.
  • Level up to gain more certifications and improve your character.
  • Upgrade your character with hundreds of item combinations.
  • Become more strong with upgrades
  • Enjoy rating competitions with other players.

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