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Legacy Fate

A relaxing, fantasy idle rpg like you've never seen before!

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Game Description

Legacy Fate has a novel structure that is expected to provide a ton of free goodies for players. Thus, stop your search now! This is an idle but entertaining game. Quickly, gather your friends to join this chaotic world so that you might forge together as a group of heroes and write your own FANTASY LEGEND!



Thousandfold Rewards:

  • 1000 Free Calls, An Infinite Amount of Heroes!
  • Here, gathered by a thousand summons, are the legendary heroes! As the group's commander, you will lead these Legendary Heroes into daring combat!

Goddess Collection:

  • The goddess' blessing controls the outcome!
  • Unlock countless goddesses with stunning artwork that are all unique. The goddesses will guard you, strengthen you, and help you battle for an eternal victory as they join you on your journeys!

Heroes Development:

  • Heroes unite, form a formation!
  • Conjure legendary figures, organize your troops, assemble a large crowd, and forge a group that will become your most formidable weapon, and triumph is certain.

Obtaining Resources:


  • Fight With Intelligence! Think, Act, Win, Gather!
  • Set off on a demanding journey where resource extraction is motivated by audacious discovery, intense rivalry, and cunning tactics. Create a world that is entirely your own. Stretch yourself, venture into uncharted terrain, and explore the unknown!

Socialization of Legions:

  • Uniting for Honor, Triumphant with the Legion!
  • Join forces with allies to create a powerful Legion, which will help you feel like you belong in this chaotic world. Fight alongside your Legion allies, work together to seize territory, and amass an abundance of resources!

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