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Left to Survive

You'll need to grab your guns and bring your guts if you're going to survive!

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Game Description

Danger lurks at every corner. Survive against zombies by securing safe havens and saving survivors with rifles, grenades, shotguns, and everything else in your arsenal. Build an encampment to protect yourself from hostile attacks. Get to the helicopter and sabotage enemy bases to grab their resources. Compete in single and team multiplayer competitions against other players. Join forces with other human factions.

Kill Zombie hordes


  • Save stranded people and clear zombie infested locations with a slew of powerful weaponry.

A Helicopter can be used to destroy bases.

  • To steal your opponent's resources, go to the chopper and unleash a ferocious bullet storm on their base.

PvP battles are intense.

  • Do you believe zombies are lethal? In solo and 2v2 matches, put your survival abilities to the test against live gamers.

Take on the Zombie Bosses


  • Protect yourself from zombies that can jump, wear police armor, or explode with deadly gas.

Create and Personalize Your Base

  • Create, personalize, and defend your encampment from zombies and opposing groups. Find survivors, loot items, and work together to survive in a post apocalyptic environment.

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