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Last War

Keep your humanity and survive!

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Game Description

A global zombie infestation has turned many people into zombies. As a survivor, your primary purpose is to preserve your humanity and survive.

Think fast and go faster!


  • Start your quest with a difficult survival challenge. Dodge and fight waves of zombies. It's not only about survival. Each lane contains distinct obstacles and zombies!

Create a Zombie Free Shelter!

  • Customize your base and expand your army. You are the light in this refuge, guiding people to a glimpse of hope. In this strategic game, your decisions about building and developing your base will determine the fate of your survivors in a zombie infested world.

Create Your Dream Team!


  • Recruit heroes to form the ultimate team. Each hero has their own set of skills and originates from one of three military branches. Combine different heroes for an easy triumph over the undead.

Unite for the Greater Good!

  • Survival in the tough environment of zombies requires a collaborative effort. Join forces with players from all across the world to combat the undead. Stay wary! Alliances are complicated, and not every survivor you meet is friendly.

How long can you survive in this apocalypse? Join Last War and experience an exciting voyage of survival and strategy!

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