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Last Shelter

Survive or become a zombie, the choice is yours!

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Game Description

Last Shelter: Survival is a massively multiplayer real time strategy battle game. The player will assume the role of a small settlement commander on a planet devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Create your own wasteland empire, train your armies, recruit legendary heroes, and join your allies in the never ending struggle that will last till the end of time. You can choose to befriend or plunder!



World Wide War

  • Lead your country to glory in real time conflict against opponents from all over the world.

Photorealistic Graphics

  • Everything appears to be REAL, including the map, the world, your city, the units, and the heroes.

Construct Your Wasteland Empire

  • Absolute Freedom City Upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your warriors, and hire amazing heroes to help your empire grow!

The Hero System

  • Whether you like to combat your foes from afar, fight them close up, or build your base at home, there are a plethora of heroes that can assist you!

Strategy based Gameplay


  • To walk the battlefield of this world, you must know your adversary and yourself. Fighters, Shooters, and Vehicles, You must know your enemy and yourself.

Allied Warfare

  • Whether you're competing against other servers or vying for the presidency at home, your alliance will always be there to support you, as long as you find the appropriate people.

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