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Last Island

In this action-packed multiplayer zombie survival game, you can create your own survival rules!

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Game Description

Last Island of Survival is your last hope of surviving this ruined open planet. In this action-packed multiplayer zombie survival game, you can create your own survival rules! Begin an adventurous trip and life after on this post-apocalyptic island, battling hunger, dehydration, hazardous wildlife, and other nasty survivors. Survive by scavenging resources, crafting weapons, and building shelter. Will you be the last of us standing?

An Unpredictable Zombie Island


  • Ruins abound, nasty wandering dead are covered in blood, and rusted military helicopters swoop left and right. Find out what happened here and how long you can stay! Uncover the island's secrets in its final days of civilization, explore the massive open-world area, and gather precious goods and blueprints to help you outfit up and protect yourself!

Complete Freedom of Play

  • Make your own rules for playing! It is entirely up to you whether you want to be a team player or a loner, make new friends or enemies! Find trustworthy partners, form a clan and control the island, or create a terrible moniker all on your own. Build massive fortresses and bases, or demonstrate your strength by blowing up enemies and raiding their houses. In this online survival smartphone game, you have complete control over your actions.

Unfold Creative Building


  • Explore this massive island to gather resources and claim locations to call home. It may be a pleasant cabin amid a snowy ice field, a majestic stronghold defending the fringes of the desert, or a well-placed outpost for exploration. Simply build whatever your heart desires. But beware of the worst enemies: rust and deterioration. In these final days on Earth, you will need to maintain your constructions to keep them from rusting and defend them against your adversaries.

Last Man Standing

  • Last Island of Survival is a PVP-oriented online mobile game. Only one step separates the island's union from a brutal bloodshed fight. All of these survival actions are available on your mobile device! Be prepared to fight! Craft numerous powerful weapons or locate rusted ones, join a squad or go it alone, fight for your life or die. Raid enemy forts and steal their priceless riches. Create an impenetrable stronghold and defend it with your clan. There are numerous opportunities; all you have to do is seize them and survive!

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