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Last Hope Sniper

Prepare for a journey in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world where you will encounter monsters and survivors of all kinds!

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Game Description

Prepare for a journey in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world where you will encounter monsters and survivors of all kinds!

It's time to prepare to enter the apocalyptic wasteland planet of Last Hope. Zombies, raiders, and ferocious enemies wander the wasteland all over the earth. Rescue survivors and kill to survive! Only you can save the planet in this story-driven first-person shooter game.


You and your arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles, handguns, and a variety of spectacular skills, such as grenades and rocket launchers, are the only thing standing between the final survivors and a full-fledged pandemic zombie virus spread.

Prepare yourself, focus on your target, and fire your weapon to demonstrate that you are the best sniper in the shooting game genre. Kill zombies and battle your way through this apocalyptic environment.



  • Immersive story-based missions: There are over 150 missions available, with new ones released on a regular basis!
  • Extensive and complex environments: the city has become your war! In this conflict, you must fight to protect your friends and family in a wide range of locales.
  • Realistic death and impact animations: Watch as your enemies are blown away and crash into automobiles, barrels, or the pavement!
  • Get skill cards from lucrative crates: More than 25 talents, with new ones introduced all the time! Rocket launchers, shock bullets, poison grenades, missile strikes, and power shields are just a few examples.
  • Upgradeable zombie-killing weaponry: When the apocalypse arrives, you'll need formidable weapons to defend yourself!
  • Kill shot camera: Track the sniper bullet as it moves toward your target. Take a close-up look at your work as the great marksman that you are!
  • Simple and intuitive controls: Ready! Aim! Fire! Be the finest sniper you can be without the game's limitations!
  • Offline Game: Do not stop playing simply because the internet is down. This FPS game may be played offline and enjoyed whenever and wherever!

If you enjoy shooting games, don't hesitate to download now and play it offline for free!

We're an indie game studio that listens to its fans and strives to create the finest first-person shooter game possible! We will continue to update the game and add more intriguing features!

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