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Krispee Street

Krispee, the webcomic, invites you into its quirky, fascinating, and feel-good universe

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Game Description

Based on the renowned webcomic, this emotional hidden object game has hundreds of eccentric characters and stuff to search out and find.

Krispee, the webcomic, transports you to a world that is eccentric, intriguing, and feels like a warm hug.


Your goal is to bring the people and world of Krispee to life. Discover hundreds of characters and objects dispersed throughout the densely packed levels.

Sure to make you laugh, grin, and maybe even cry, but only a little bit! Krispee Street provides you with emotions you never realized you needed.



  • Hundreds of items and characters to find.
  • Original music and sound effects.
  • A randomly created daily puzzle challenge.
  • Thousands of hand-drawn characters.
  • Seven unique and stunning hand-drawn levels to explore.
  • Collectible Krispy Kreme Cards.
  • Daily Wheel of Self-Care.
  • Hundreds of hilarious animations to discover.

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