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Kingdom - The Blood

Battle through zombie-infested Joseon Korea's last royal dynasty!

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Game Description

Joseon is overtaken by zombies due to an outbreak of an infectious sickness!

In Kingdom: The Blood, an action game based on the critically acclaimed popular series, you're invited to engage in fierce combat within the last royal dynasty of Joseon Korea, which is overrun by zombies.


Lovely Customary Korean Features

  • The game masterfully combines traditional Korean clothing with other architectural motifs.
  • Appreciate the Character movements' fine intricacies, the assortment of traditional attire. and breathtaking examples of traditional architecture.

Exciting Zombie Battles

  • You'll be surprised as zombies attack from all sides. It's better to run than to fight when they swarm. It is imperative to evade their lethal bites.

Various Special Attack Techniques

  • Discover adversaries with distinct movement and attack techniques besides zombies. Experience the thrill of thrilling hand-to-hand fighting as you advance through progressively difficult stages.

Thrilling Action Focused on Control


  • With the help of the Unreal Engine, experience action unlike anything before. The forceful hits produced by the manual controls provide an exciting experience. Combine abilities to create a distinct action style.

Numerous Battle Modes: From PVP to Multiplayer

  • Test your mettle in PvP or team up with allies to defeat formidable bosses. Training sessions provide further benefits, encouraging development with every interaction.

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