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Kingdom Rush

A fun, exciting tower-defense strategy game that everybody loves to play!

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Game Description

In the finest Tower Defense TD game ever produced, charge into the action! Hello and welcome to Kingdom Rush!

Kingdom Rush is the first part of the award winning offline tower defense epic, which has been praised by gamers and critics worldwide.


As you smash the forces of evil, use your strategies to defend and guard the kingdom and its castle. You will have a massive arsenal of spectacular towers and spells at your disposal! In this huge offline tower defense game that will keep you captivated for hours, command the mightiest heroes and lead the biggest army in Linirea to victory!

Fight on the fringes of a castle, in forests, mountains, and wastelands, tailoring your defensive plan with tower tests and specialities! On this expedition to preserve the Kingdom from the powers of darkness, rain fire on your opponents, summon reinforcements, lead your armies, recruit elven warriors, and battle epic creatures!



  • DEVELOP YOUR STRATEGY! Choose from a variety of tower styles. Fight back against your foes! You'll need to plan your approach in this TD offline game!
  • MAXIMIZE THE POWER OF YOUR ARMY with 18 tower specific abilities. Hurry and put them to the test!
  • 13 MIGHTY HEROES that will assist you in leading your soldiers to victory!
  • ORDER YOUR ARMY INTO ACTION and see them battle in cartoon hand to hand warfare! Battle the hordes of baddies!

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