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King Crusher

As the King's Hand, recruit a small group of fighters to do his bidding

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Game Description

'To do what you want, you have to be born a king or a lunatic.'

This does not appear to be a problem for King Tease, considering he is very possibly both. Because he decided that the world had far too many monarchs and that only one should remain: him! So he sends out his Hand to slaughter all other kings, to go through forests, deserts, and green meadows, as well as volcanoes and cemeteries, in exchange for money and glory, but all they get in return is... death and setbacks.


You, the King's Hand, will assemble a small company of combatants from the following twelve character classes: There are so many heroes available to serve as cannon fodder for His Majesty's amusement! Take use of everyone's strengths, move intelligently on the field, collect all the objects you find along the way, put the advantages you get in fight to good use, and level up in this hilarious adventure.

Plunge into roguelike and RPG games in a novel way. Its dynamic gameplay is built on swipes and well executed fast hits to attack, protect, and maneuver the characters that comprise the King's Hand using press or slide actions.

  • Assemble a squad of combatants from 12 different character classes to become the King's Hand.
  • Overcoming more than 60 events and situations
  • Fight powerful monarchs and seize their kingdoms' thrones to attain dominance.
  • Go across 5 distinct regions to discover a funny and fascinating medieval realm.
  • Swipe, attack quickly, and move around with press or slide motions.
  • Develop your plan, collect loot to learn new spells, and become the most fearsome soldiers to serve the Kingdom.
  • Pixel art graphics with an old school arcade atmosphere and bizarre eccentric humor

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