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Kemono Friends

With the help of your animal friends, overcome mysterious enemies and save the Kingdom forever!

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Game Description

Welcome to 'Kingdom', an abandoned large scale amusement park where you will meet a diverse cast of animal pals and embark on a remarkable adventure with them. But watch out for the azure monsters that lurk around the Kingdom! You can defeat these mystery creatures and save the Kingdom together by utilizing the distinct features of your animal buddies and the processes of the landform organs.

'Animal Girls, Befriend Me Today!'


Enter for a Touching Story!

  • 'Kingdom' provides one of a kind animal buddies with individual personalities as well as exhilarating adventures. Prepare for a compelling story full of humor, emotions, and emotional plot twists that will keep you involved throughout the game.

Prepare for Strategic Combat!

  • To combat the mysterious Cerulean in 'Kingdom,' animal pals must tactically modify the ejection angle and strength of their flying equipment. Battle a variety of Ceruleans, each with their own set of challenges to overcome.

Terrains Have Different Machenisms!

  • Explore 'Kingdom's' diverse terrains, such as grasslands, rainforests, and deserts. You'll uncover hidden terrain mechanics that can make or break your fight progress. Plan your strategy with your animal buddies and take on these difficult levels together!

Incredible Ulti with Cinematic Effects!


  • Explore stunning 2D animations that highlight each animal friend's unique and powerful ultimate moves, such as the crested ibis' singing or the panther chameleon's ninjutsu. These maneuvers can defeat the Cerulean and keep 'Kingdom' calm.

Animal Friends Fun Facts!

  • All of the animal pals in 'Kingdom' are based on real creatures. Spend time with them in game and learn more about their real world counterparts via 'Kingdoms' popular science feature.

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