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Fight alien lifeforms and machines as you fly through diverse worlds

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Game Description

Aliens have overrun the ancient bridge of Kazarma, which connects the human colonies of the Universe. In this simple to learn, but difficult to master game, fight across the bridge to drive away the invaders.

Fight alien lifeforms and machines as you fly over diverse worlds.


Unlock and upgrade a variety of spaceships to maximize your fighting potential.



  • Easy to use controls: drag to move and shoot.
  • 50 stages generated procedurally
  • Abilities and Upgrades
  • Enable Challenge Mode
  • Open Ships
  • A wide range of worlds and vibrant landscapes
  • Leaderboards in the Game Center
  • One of a kind soundtrack

The game is completely free to play, with no paywalls or timers. It provides in game purchases and incentives that are optional.

The name 'Kazarma' was inspired by an Ancient Greek Mycenaean bridge that is still in use today.

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