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Katana ZERO

Slow down time as you slice and dash across a dystopian city to uncover previous truths in this nostalgic adventure

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Game Description

Kill your opponents or face certain death. In this classic adventure, you can slow down time by slashing and rush around a dystopian city to uncover past truths.

In this stunning pixel-art neo-noir platformer, you play as a samurai assassin who must deal with rapid action and immediate death fighting. Attack adversaries with your sword, or whatever else you have at your disposal, and avoid obstacles to advance to the next level. Choose how you reply in interactions that move the story ahead between levels.



Overcome your opposition in whichever way the situation requires. Send gunfire back at enemies, avoid incoming attacks, and control situations with traps and explosives. Leave no survivors.


Each level is specifically designed to allow you a variety of completion options. Defeat foes in novel ways, employing unexpected techniques and objects in your immediate surroundings to eliminate them as you see fit.



Cinematic scenes are interwoven into the gameplay, presenting surprising player-driven decisions that twist and build to an unexpected finale.

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