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Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game

Relax & de-stress with this casual block puzzle game

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Game Description

Sudoku grid meets wood block puzzle games. Just Blocks, the best Tetris inspired puzzle game, is here to help you improve your puzzle skills. Have fun while sharpening your wits.

Install and play Just Blocks, the addicting classic brick block game with a sudoku twist, and discover your inner block puzzle expert!


Take a break from all the noise and worry by solving a classic Just Blocks problem instead. It's a terrific brain exercise that will also challenge your brain age and keep your thinking fresh!

Just Blocks is a simple, all ages brick puzzle game that combines two types of block games: sudoku and classic brick games. It's a completely free block puzzle game with seasonal events, daily Just Blocks challenges, and many modes to play, all meant to reduce stress and increase fun!

Install the free Just Blocks puzzle and become addicted to merging, dropping, and joining brick blocks at your leisure or in a timely manner, your option!


Why should you install Just Blocks?

  • This combination of sudoku blocks, classic block games, and puzzle blocks creates a perfect mind game that you can play online or offline at any time and from any location to train your brain and enjoy moments of utter relaxation.
  • Brick puzzle block games, such as Just Blocks, also require some strategy and simple logic, which is why it's a terrific free block puzzle game for people of all ages.
  • The Daily Challenges will keep you on your toes... or rather, fingertips... because you'll have to form puzzle block lines quickly and solve the brick puzzle challenge within a certain time constraint. Do you want to take on the daily puzzle challenges? Solve all of them to receive monthly trophies!
  • Join Blocks' Seasonal Events will keep you entertained by adding even more elements to the game you already love. There will be free puzzles to complete, diamonds and rubies to earn, colorful bricks to collect, and beautiful and fun block merging gameplay that you'll enjoy time and time again.
  • Play and create puzzle bricks combos in Standard mode with no time constraint or against the clock in Time mode for an added adrenaline rush.
  • Enjoy a variety of game settings such as varied puzzle board and brick colors, music, game modes, and more.

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