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Jewel Town

A simple and easy match-3 game

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Game Description

No life limit! Simple and easy to match three games! Come enjoy your gem shattering enjoyment!

Jewel Town has the most match-3 levels ever, with over 10,000 levels to compete with pals. In gem town, a wagon broke down when the farmer was bringing his food. The broken cart pinned the dog inside the carton, which was quite dangerous!!


Help the farmer repair the cart by using your fingers to swap jewels.

Match beautiful jewels and collect power-ups to save the poor puppy.

Combining gems can help you finish the challenge more efficiently.

Fantastic graphics, eye-catching manor landscape, and adorable dogs.



  • Free download, no purchase required.
  • A wide range of rich modes and thousands of well-designed levels.
  • Compete with pals, defeat your opponents, and climb the ranks.
  • All kinds of cute creatures will accompany you as you explore the skills required to achieve the task.
  • Log in to your Facebook account, store your progress, and continue your gaming experience across several devices.

An really peaceful puzzle game, where you can experience more enjoyable puzzles in the most casual setting.

Download Jewel Town today and start playing with your pet right away!

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